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Hard Kombucha - Our Brews

Kombucha is an ancient Chinese-origin brew based on tea, a sugar source, and a symbiotic bacteria and yeast culture. This lovely acidic, tangy drink has been around for thousands of years and is hailed for its health benefits.​


Our love for this functional beverage led us to take it one step further and ferment it twice! The second fermentation focuses on alcohol production and is done in tanks typically used for beer fermentation. This makes our booch "Hard Kombucha" or alcoholic kombucha.

Our brews still maintain the profile we love about typical non-alc kombucha. We just think it is a little bit more fun...​


If you are not familiar with kombucha, some similar drink comparisons that you would know are ciders, sour beers, or natural wines... but it's different... you really just have to try for yourself!​​​

Low sugar & Low calorie 

We are sick of sweet drinks and the lack of healthier lower-sugar options that are craft brewed and have taste.  We make sure to use up the sugar during the alcohol production phase to leave you with a very low-sugar beverage averaging 2g / 100ml. The mild sweetness in our booch comes from the organic fruits and juices that we use for flavoring. The green tea base of our product is low carb and packed with antioxidants making our hard kombucha approximately 30% lower kcal than other craft beverages in the same alcohol range of 6.0%.

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